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You might know best when it comes to running a small business, but do you know how to keep that small business clean and tidy month after month even when production is at an all-time high and employee morale is low?

The fact is, keeping any workplace clean and tiny has a ton of benefits. Nobody wants to work in a gross environment, and in fact, having an unclean workplace can cause serious health problems for you and your employees.

Don’t believe us? Check out this list of five surprising downsides an unclean workplace can have on your bottom line:

1. A Dirty Workplace Means More Sick Days

It’s true. If your business or office contains carpet and you’re not having it cleaned on a regular basis, both you and your workers could be exposed to harmful mold, dust, and dander in the very air you breathe. What does this mean? Potential asthma and allergies, but a big uptick in missed work days due to worsening colds and flus.

If your employees are suddenly taking more than their fair share of sick days for colds and flus, is it possible the air quality in your business is making it hard for them to breathe? Don’t assume malice when your environment may be at fault.

Hiring a cleaning company to dust and vacuum can do wonders for the air quality in your business.

2. A Messy Workplace Means Fewer Rules Followed

Did you know that multiple studies have shown that a disorganized workplace environment spurs creativity but at the cost of inspiring people to ignore workplace rules and regulations? It’s true. And sure, creative rebellion might work out fine for artists, writers, and particle physicists, but for those of us that work in every other industry, it’s for the best that our surroundings are organized.

You didn’t spend hours painstakingly developing your small business’s policies and procedures only to have them undermined by the psychological effect of an untidy workplace. So hire Deep Kleen & Maintenance LLC to keep your workplace neat and looking professional.

3. A Dingy-Looking Business Translates Into Fewer Sales

There’s a reason that every culture has their own version of the proverb about not judging a book by its cover: because it’s human nature to do the opposite!

For better or worse, most of the snap judgments you will make about a person or place happen within the first few seconds of meeting them. And it’s in this psychological context that your customers will be deciding to spend their money. Is it fair? Nope, but few things in life are. And so it’s crucial that when your bottom line is on the line, you put your best foot forward as a business.

That means having a place that’s neat, orderly, and spotless-seeming to the average person who wanders in to take a look at your wares, or for the client who’ll be sitting in your waiting room before your big pitch.

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