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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Deep Kleen & Maintenance LLC’s mission statement is to provide the best carpet cleaning service to homes in Chesterfield. Whether you’ve chosen carpet for your brand new home or bought a Chesterfield house with existing carpet, you’ll need to think about carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We’re here to tell you about how those services can benefit you and your loved ones.


Janitorial Services

You might know best when it comes to running a small business, but do you know how to keep that small business clean and tidy month after month even when production is at an all-time high and employee morale is low?

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Office Cleaning

Office managers are always looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. The easiest way to encourage that? Regularly scheduled janitorial and cleaning services. Studies have shown that a clean office helps employees concentrate. It also gives them a greater sense of respect for their workspace and therefore a greater respect for office rules and regulations.

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